Fly Fishing in Yucatan Peninsula

Fly fishing in Yucatan Mexico has become renowned as one of the premier shallow water flats of the whole Caribbean. Enthusiasts can find numerous vacation packages for their flyFly Fly Fishing in Ixcalac Yucatan fishing adventure, including the Tarpon Cay Lodge and Isla Blanca, a remote region of the Yucatan, each located on a coastline of the Gulf neighbored by Cancun and Merida. Isla del Saalo and the Campeche Tarpon Club farther south offer more ideal accommodations for fly fishing baby Tarpon year round or migratory Tarpon in the months between June and August, Snook, Cuda and Snapper fish, Permit, Bonedish, although there are only two distinct fisheries to choose from when fly fishing in Yucatan Mexico.

North country is primary Tarpon fish, while south country has a varied array of other fishes, including the Bonefish, Permit and Snook. Prospective fly fishers should consider Yucatan in distinctions of north and south, and further distinguish the resorts and accommodations available to fly fishers in each area of the Yucatan. Northern Yucatan, Tarpon schoolabundant in beautiful flora and fauna, such as exotic bird species, crocodiles and turtles, offers accommodations in both Isla del Sabalo and the Tarpon Cay Lodge, as well as the Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge located on the small island of Isla Holbox, a ten mile wide tip of the northern Yucatan Peninsula sandwiched by a mangrove estuary and an expanse of beautiful Gulf beach.

Southern Yucatan offers two of the best saltwater flat fisheries in the entire world in Acension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay, host to beautiful clear waters and the varied hosts spoken of earlier in this article. Fishers should not be surprised to spot Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook, and even more fish swimming about these gorgeous locations. Fly fishers are welcomed at the Casa Blanca Lodge, located just south of Ascension Bay at Punta Pajaros, and prided as the best light tackle fishing in the Caribbean, opening fishers to a watery world of picturesque reefs, flats and fishes. Playa Blanca Lodge is another destination situated between Espiritu Santo Bay and Ascension Bay, offering a relaxedCampeche fishing atmosphere and mangrove marshes. Travelers can also stay at the Grand Slam Deluc Fly Fishing Lodge on the ocean-side beach of Punta Allen, the Casa Redonda Suites on a private beach between Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay, the prolific fishery at the Pesca Maya Lodge at Ascension Bay, as well as various last minute special deals these lodges offer when not booked to capacity.

From each lodging fly fishers can experience the variety of fishing the Yucatan offers, although there are five distinct must-see locations that should be visited at least once by every fly fishing connoisseur. Mexico’s Ascension Bay has been mentioned often as the location for a variety of lodging, and with good reason: home to beaches, campsites, fishing and the natural wonders of the Gulf, Ascension Bay offers resort locations and adventurous pastimes for every variety of traveler and visitor.

The southern Mexico Xcalaki is another destination, located in the southern area of the ManglarYucatan at a village called Xcalak, which offers Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. Fly Fishing in Yucatan Mexico would not be complete without a visit to the flats of Chetamul Bay nearby Xcalak, which is even larger than Ascension Bay. Mexico’s Isla Holbox, located on the northernmost coasts os the Yucatan, is a beautiful island home to enormous migratory Tarpon that can be found between the months of May and September. The Rio Lagartos, located in the northwestern corner of the Yucatan, is the premier baby Tarpon destination in the entire world, and offers a tantalizing exclusivity that the other locations could only dream of: the Rio Lagartos is experienced by only a handful of fly fishing enthusiasts each year. Finally, Isla Blanca, north of Cancun and south of Isla Holbox, offers year around fishing of Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Barracuda, Snook, and others. Neighboring the Chacmuchuk Lagoon, Isla Blanca is the only destination within a day’sTarpon distance from Cancun.

Fly Fishing in Yucatan Mexico is a treasured experience by enthusiasts and amateurs from all walks of life and all corners of the world, and with choice fisheries offering prime catches at every month out of the year, fly fishing in Yucatan Mexico is a year-round pastime that has become known to many as the fly fishing capital of the world. However, the best times to fish certain species and breeds can very between the northern and southern Yucatan destinations, and prospective fly fishers should be careful to both schedule themselves to align with the annual patterns of their favorite fish, and also pay attention to the unique offerings of the northern and southern fishing provinces before booking their travel plans.

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