Caves in Yucatan

Grutas is the Maya way of saying Cave and that is exactly what the caves in Yucatan are called. Maya’s are people that are very sacred, spiritual and religious and they have their own beliecaves5fs and opinions just like any other religious person can be. Caves in Yucatan can be large and spectacular or small and not so spectacular. There are so many different types of caves there in Yucatan and have had many human life artifacts that has shown there was human life in these caves from years ago. They also show different animal artifacts as well such as bones, teeth and much more. These caves in the Yucatan have been widely known and studied for years but it’s mainly the larger caves that get the most attention. These caves are widely known as the Maya caves because of how sacred and secure they were for those people. They are widely known through the states and many other countries along with North America. They have more viewers than most other caves around because of how spectacular and wondrous they are with the views, the wildlife, the water caves and much more.

One of the most widely known caves in Yucatan are the Lol Tún Caves which are thecaves2 largest caves you will find on the Peninsula. They are the most widely known and studied caves there and has been found that human life can be tracked back about 7,000 years ago. There are many animal bones that have been found to show animal life as well as human life there. They also have found many paintings on the walls that show many different creative things such as Greco’s, animals and different figures. These are the most special caves around the United States and have the best artifacts around that people would love.

Some more very cool caves that happen to be the second largest caves in Yucatan are the Calcehtok Caves. The name of these caves is after the words neck, deer and stone which is pretty cool. They have found many different awesome artifacts in this cave like many intact arrowheads, hammers, sculptures, knives and many more wondrous things to find proving human life. There are 30 different caves around and they are wondered to be connected but people don’t know for sure because they have many different tunnels and is very complicated to go through without some sort of guide.

Balankanché Caves are some more caves in Yucatan that are the ones known to be sacred caves4and religious. In one cave there is an altar that scientists have found. You have to pay to be able to go and explore this gave because it is so spectacular and has many believers and followers. The cost of these caves would be 102 pesos for tourists, 76 pesos for Mexican nationals and 5 pesos for children of all groups.

There are many other caves that are not so widely known such as Tzabnah Caves and Cenote San Ignacio caves. They are both just outside of Merida and have just as much wonderful things about them as the rest of these caves do. Also some other caves not so widely known are Actún Tunichil Muknal, Cayo, Belize and os Ojos Cave System, Quintana Roo, Mexico which are very beautiful and wondrous caves and have spectacular views some fresh blue clear water and would be amazing and fun to explore. But the best caves to most would be the underwater caves because most people and scientist like to explore what is under our world more than what is on it most scientists say. There are hundreds of caves that are in Yucatan and being able to name them all andcaves7 say all the specs about them would take a few days. But if you went to explore these caves knowing that information right will help you realize how you could never be bored taking a tour of any one of these caves. There are so many from huge to small and spiritual to horrific that anyone will enjoy a great deal.


No matter what caves you want to explore and know about each and everyone have their qualities and features about them that make them wonderful and spectacular as the next one does. They are all beautiful and all have cool artifacts and life that even the most dull person will find interesting and exciting. But there are so many more wondrous caves across the Peninsula in Yucatan that people will love. In some of these cave they have found beautiful underworld life in a beautiful ocean that has many different creatures and caves3lovely sites. They have different colors and creations among these caves as well. These   underwater caves that people and scientists and found has been the main attraction for most folks around its the main reason that people want to visit and explore these amazing caves.

by – Adam M. Kowalski

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