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Looking up Yucatan real estate in a brief search will amaze even the tough to impress. Incredible houses of stone and cement tower over beautiful beaches and comprise ofYucatan Real Estate landscaped outdoor space, incredible sparkling in ground pools, massive and impressive columned archways and incredible attention to detail. Even the smaller, less wealthy structures of earthy thatched roofs provide a unique change from the average traveler’s expectations. Coming from what could be average apartment and office buildings, repetitive house structures and the usual shingled roofs with average white siding and square windows, one can easily be enthusiastically overwhelmed at the immersion into the flavor of Yucatan through it’s real estate.

Yucatan Beach Real EstateIt is not hard to imagine that one can truly escape to Yucatans peninsula real estate. Yucatan’s capital of Merida was at one point said to be home to more millionaires than any other city in the world. Whether that information is decidedly determined or not, it is clear that the wealth brought into the city had vast impacts on the real estate of the area, resulting in beautiful products. Historical Yucatan boasts a rich history of settlers and the subsequent building of variously influenced houses, from the smallest to the massive. Many of these houses can still be seen today whether used for their original residential purposes or refashioned to be of commercial use.Yucatan Colonial Real Estate

Colonial homes are on the rise as being built and restored, as expats, retirees and others see the charm of having these homes continue their classic taste while having a structural upgrade to add to the luxury of a modern lifestyle. Even older buildings currently falling to disrepair from the hot and humid climates that can be detrimental to building structures show bright colors and tell interesting stories.  Additionally, the materials used whether stone which is a bit more time consuming to repair or cement which proves to be less difficult can in fact be repaired and restored.

Yucatan Golf Real EstateMayan, Mexican, British, French and even Dutch influences combine together to give Yucatan and specifically it’s capital, Merida a truly unique flavor all its own. Mayan influence can still be seen despite some destruction over time and their incredibly artistic culture can still be enjoyed, particularly through their pyramids and stone cities although colors having faded from their artistic touches. Spanish and therefore religious influence is also noticeable as is the change to revert back to more traditional Mexican influences by the Europeans. The warm and humid climate of the area has its own influence, allowing forYucatan Homes for Sale a great variety of shrubs to adorn landscapes, banyan trees to majestically grow and also for true equator influences such as palm trees to remind the eye just how romantically tropical this ideal location is.

The fact that costs of real estate is lower than in most US or Canadian locations is also a draw when considering an escape, be it to retire, to have a change of pace or to have a place to vacation. Labor is also less expensive, and quality weather, beaches, seafood and activities are not hard to come by. Real estate in Yucatan offers options for every taste Ranches for sale in Yucatanincluding smaller homes, lavish palaces, inland or beachfront locations and more. It is certainly easy to understand the value these characteristics combine to form. A quick glance at homes and other structures in the area show modern, squared off walls and roofs to rounded and ornate designs, stark whites to bright colors and old stone to thatched roofs. An escape to Yucatan real estate seems a worthy trip for the travelers briefly visiting and for the consideration of those looking to relocate alike.

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