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Merida Mexico Real Estate (18)Sunshine, tequila, mariachi bands, spicy food. Mexico is a country known for many things, and a great vacationing spot and location for an international home are quickly being  added to that list. Normally, Cancun is a popular, and famous destination for vacationers, and people would think is the place to purchase your vacation home, but why not choose Merida, Mexico. For a fraction of the price for a US vacation home, you can find plenty to do in sunny Merida, and enjoy the well-known colonial architecture in your new international getaway home.

Set about 20 miles off the Gulf Coast, Merida is the perfect location for those looking for more in their international experience than just days on the beach. The New York Times spent 36 hours in Merida for an article by the same name, and found a variety of things to do almost every hour. Some of these included trying the areas ethnic Yucatan cuisine at a 17th century plantation turned restaurant: Hacienda Teya. Hammocks are popular south of the border due to the hot sunny days and relaxing ocean breezes. Relax inNew Colonial Houses in Merida Mexico your vacation home the way the locals do by purchasing a hammock for whatever your budget may be, from cotton to nylon. If you’re looking for more cultural festivities, every Saturday evening you can find a show with folk dancing, mariachi, marimba, and more for free, sponsored by the city. For more relaxation added to this event, watch from the Hotel Casa San Angel where you can sit down, enjoy the music and festivities, and a drink on the hotel’s terrace.

Mexico is famous for it’s colonial architecture, and Merida is no exception. Combining the old style of Spanish and French colonial architecture with modern day layouts and amenities, your new colonial style home can be your tropical paradise. Enjoy the openness of the great archways and columns of colonial architecture, your home opening up into an inner, which, with a modern twist, can contain your swimming pool and outdoor recreation area. Inside your home, you can find other beautiful elements of Merida Mexico Colonial ConstructionSpanish colonial architecture, including exposed wooden support beams. Another feature of these beautiful new colonial style homes is vibrant colors. Painting their stuccoed walled various vibrant colors is a trait very common in homes throughout Latin America, and again, homes in Merida are no exception. From yellows to salmon, to other tropical colors, and even hues more toned down for conservative tastes, you can find a future home in Merida that is not only comfortable, but also exceptionally pleasing to the eye.

One cause of concern when traveling to Mexico, and any other destination overseas, is safety. While Mexico itself, as well as other locations, have their problems, Merida is one Merida Mexico Colonial Home  of the safest places in Mexico a person can visit or live. Much safer, actually, than most North American cities because it is still a diamond in the rough, so to speak in terms of the number of tourists. Its location farther to the east puts it out of the way for other crime related issues. A reporter for the LA Times visits Merida and was happy to report that she wasn’t hassled at night, and she wasn’t hassled during the day. Living in Merida, you don’t have to worry about feeling like and being treated a like a foreign tourist wherever you go, and you don’t have to worry about the crime in the city you choose.

Merida is big city with a lot of cultural flair, plenty of Merida Mexico Centro Homesthings to do, and beautiful homes. Also being only a short drive from the ocean, homeowners can get their fill of activities from cultural events and great food in the city, to beaches nearby, without having to worry about their safety. Choosing one of the new colonial homes being constructed in Merida, Mexico is one step closer to having your own private tropical sanctuary.

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