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After working for decades in one or more jobs, most people set their sights on their long Yucatan (5)awaited retirement; the great payoff at the end of a long career. When many look at retirement locations they see sunshine, a neighborhood type of community and the lack of cold winters, snow shoveling and having to deice their cars. In other words, many from the northern hemisphere look south. A booming community for ex-patriots and others alike has proven to be the magnificent area of Yucatan.

With it’s warm climate, flat terrain, peaceful existence, beautiful homes and rich history, Yucatan provides many of the elements a retiree may be looking for. Additionally, it can be Yucatan (4)a less costly option than remaining in the states and retiring to say, a retirement community somewhere on the east coast. Buying a home in Yucatan has also now become more attainable than in previous decades where laws banned various non-locals from purchasing in certain areas. In addition to the enticing aspects of the region itself, the coastline provides innumerable additional perks.

With beautiful beaches and a tough to beat climate comes the mouthwatering opportunities for daily walks on the beach, water sports, boating, fishing and more. The peninsula even has fresh water options to enjoy, inland, as well. When considering that you are so close to the coast and the availability of fresh seafood comes amazing cuisine. Yucatan (2)With its European, Mexican and French influences, Yucatan offers a local culture all its own to residents. When retiring to a community in a similar location to one’s original hometown or city, the cultural similarities are not nearly as interesting and educational as learning an entirely new history and culture. Retirees can immerse themselves in this fantastically old, interesting and amazing city as they learn the language, local foods and folklore. Architectural changes to the community as one time single family mansions are re-purposed into banks and other commercial structures, and as colonial homes continue to be rebuilt and restored keep the scenery changing but staying true to it’s routes.

Casa YucatanGovernmental officials in the area have actually worked together in recent years to make Yucatan an even more desirable location for retirees; not a difficult task when these otherwise unattainable attributes are available at a lower cost, a necessary feature for some now reliant on a possibly lower pay than in their working days and without the prospect of a new, flourishing career to come. Speakers for the area have discussed the great transportation options, safety, welcoming vibes and close geographical location to the US as pros for retiring to the area. The notion of labor and housing being less expensive is no stranger to the discussions of how costs are brought Yucatan (7)down.

As officials work to improve healthcare facilities and options, and work with the already steadily strengthening housing market it will come as no surprise as more and more retirees flock to the area and other similarly able locations take a lesson from Yucatan. As the notion of life in Yucatan becomes more prevalent knowledge to our aging community it will be very understandable that some baby boomers steer clear of expensive communities on golf courses and aim for the local comforts and smaller properties of a beach front city uniquely positions on an ideal peninsula in the Yucatansouthern hemisphere. By no surprise, the sunshine, beach days, warm nights and low costs will heavily prove to be a draw for the large group retiring soon or having retired recently. For once, it seems, children of retirees may be rushing to visit their parents’ communities!

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